"And here in the sky, lights flash before our eyes and I feel your hand slipping into mine
and we wait and we wonder when will I come around. Do I know what you are feeling now?"

Honestly, I feel so offended. *TW*

So maybe you might be dealing with food issues, or insecurities. So you cut back on what you’re eating and call it a “diet”, but the problem is, is that eating 400 calories a day is not a diet in no means. It’s the beginning to a spiraling addiction, an invitation to death, a form of control that takes all control away from you. Eating disorders are not something to joke about. It makes me fucking sick to my stomach that people on tumblr promote the fact that they eat an unhealthy amount of food and then promote to their followers to ask them for advice. Do you think it’s fucking funny to mock people who are dealing with anorexia/bulimia/ednos/ortherxia or any other forms of disordered eating?  Do you think it’s funny to invite a twelve or thirteen year old girl to your blog so that they can ask you methods on how to ultimately kill themselves? 

It’s disgusting how much eating disorders are promoted. It isn’t a fun game that you can just turn on and off. It isn’t funny to joke about how you’re anorexic because you’ve only ate one meal today. it just isn’t funny! It isn’t okay. I don’t appreciate looking on my dashboard and seeing so many people act like it isn’t a serious mental illness. I almost died in the summer and I don’t appreciate people joking about it. I plan to dedicate my entire life to helping people who have dealt with what I have and I don’t think promoting it on tumblr in any way is going to help our society realize that being skinny isn’t everything. 

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